Announcement of Death of Floppy Drive

Storage options are growing day by day and eventually the floppy drives start floppy disks started to fade out. We now days have much more versatile options to replace floppy drive as source of data transfer in IT related equipments. From last so many years our company has been working for solutions related to data transfer. But ironically it was till few years back that the solution or commonly known as floppy to usb converters were designed to replace the floppy drives. These were specially fabricated and designed keeping in view the large number of customers of various fields who were still dependent on only and only floppy drives. These were customers from fields related to

a)    CNC machines ( Electronica, Sodick , Seib and Meyer)

b)    Plastic Molding Machines

c)    Robotics industry  ( ABB / Kuka robots )

d)    Textiles industry   ( Bonas, Grosse , Staubli )

e)    Embroidery machines ( Tajima, ZSK , SWF , Lasser , Saurer, Brother, Barudan )

f)     Wire Cutting  ( Electronic etc)

g)    Diamond Cutting

h)   Music Industry (Yamaha Musical Keyboards and synthesizers , Korg , Roland, Tritron, Kerton etc)   


And many other industrial applications.  These above mentioned customer are still largely dependent on old and vulnerable floppy drives. As these old machines have no options to upgrade them or otherwise the cost to upgrade costs more that the basic machines , there is Zero options left with these industrial customers to keep their dependency on these unreliable floppy drives. Floppy drives are still bread and butter for these machines. Adding to the grievances of these valuable industrial users the floppy drives have added another problem as they are no longer available in market in addition to its bad quality of bad media of floppy disk in the market.

The time to end of an era of floppy drives has now been announced with the invention of floppy to usb converters also referred to as floppy to usb emulators, floppy to usb simulators, floppy emulators and floppy drive emulators. Our team has really worked hard and given a serious thought in this marvelous invention. We have manufactured different versions of floppy to usb converters keeping in mind the needs of the industry. These floppy to usb converters have been designed so smartly that they use same traditional floppy drive 34 pin channels and same +5 volts dc voltage. The size of these floppy to usb converters was also kept same, so that it can fit into same place. These emulators have practically started the end of and old era related to floppy drives.

Different Versions Offered

·        1.44 mb floppy to usb converter , 34 pin Interface

·    720 KB   Double Density floppy disk to usb emulator, 34 pin Interface

·    1.2  mb  floppy to usb upgrade, 34 pin Interface

·    1.44 mb floppy to usb converter , 26 Ziff Interface


Why to upgrade the Floppy drive with Floppy Drive to USB converter?

USB Disk Drive is more powerful than the old floppy disk drive, is replaced 1:1. It is designed to replace traditional floppy drive equipped on all types of device, enable to transfer data from a USB flash driver and ensure a more convenient and efficient data storage and transferring drive. With the use of our floppy to usb emulators there will be no more wastage of precious time and resources. There is 100% satisfaction as this a reliable and long term solution which offers a error free data migration process.

 ·       Floppy Disc Drive to USB converters have long life spans and can handle high capacities. It is more efficient data storage and transferring drive. It is compatible all kind of devices which are equipped with floppy drives.

·       Floppy Disk Drive to USB emulators are practically immune to impacts from magnetic fields, dust or shock. It’s simple, easy, and fast to install floppy to usb emulator stick in the existing location of the original floppy drive.

·       Floppy to USB converter are easy and convenient to use. They can atleast store and manage 100 floppies on a single USB flash disc.

Disadvantages of Floppy Disk Drives

·         Floppy disk is not durable

·         Hardly available to retailer anymore

·         Can be destroyed by magnetic field due to dust and dirt

·         Access time of floppy disk is slow

·         Storage capacity of floppy disk is limited 


Features of Floppy Drive to USB Magic Box :

  • For every one floppy disk drive users need one Simulator. The unit has been fabricated in such a way that all the connections are same ( data and power ), even the physical size of the emulator has been kept same. So no customization needs to be done on replacing the Floppy drive to USB upgrade unit.
  • The Floppy disc to USB emulator when installed in any equipment , atleast is capable of storing data worth 100 Floppy Disk.
  • This Floppy Disk to usb converter and Pen drives are almost resistant rather immune to issues  created from magnetic field, climatic environment or shocks.
  • A simple application is also provided at Zero of cost on purchase of floppy disk to usb converter which assists in formatting a USB Pen drive into 100 blocks of 1.44/1.2/720 kb capacity each or as per user requirements. This application is must to create boot function work , which is must must requirement in many industrial machines.


The most important thing to note is that is that no customization is needed at user or machine end !

Just Plug and Play!

Floppy to USB Converter
Ports, buttons and display the USB Floppy (Original Colour of the product may differ )


USB to Floppy Emulator Details
• USB socket Type A
4-pin socket like . drive for voltage supply
34-pin channel socket for . controller
FAT12 File System
Fix sector of size: 512 bytes/sector
3.5" -1.44MB: 80 tracks/18 sector
5.25"-1.2MB: 80 tracks /15 sector
3.5"- 720kB: 80 tracks /9 sector
Diagnostics LEDs  Busy-Green
Display Two-digit, 7 segment display to display current virtual . block
Voltage supply 5 V DC (ranges 4.5 5.5 V DC) 4pin voltage socket for 3.5" drive
Casing Smoke Grey/Black Plastic case
Frame size 3.5 inches
Measurements W/H/D approximately 100 mm - 25 mm -122 mm
Temperature range 0  to  65 C
Relative humidity 5% to 90% ( non-condensing)
Scope of supply USB Floppy Converter
(Connect like a legacy 3.5" . drive)
Switches on Front Panel Left- 10-90 , Right- 00-09, Red Switch ( In case of Keyboards only ) - Jumper 2 Toggle
Price Per Unit US $55 to $80 ( based on different Model )

Colour / Specs may change without any prior notice

With an increased number of data storage options, floppy drive is disappearing at a quick speed. Due to its small storage space, short lifetime and fast development of several other options of data transfer, it is losing out on its significance in IT sector. It was only after years of research, that the suitable solution, famously known as floppy to USB converter was designed. These floppy drive substitutes are specially designed for a large number of computerized devices in different industries, which are still equipped with floppy drives for all kind of data inputting and transferring. Among an extensive range of industries that still depend only on floppy drives, include textile, robotics, music industry and many others. With growing popularity of floppy to USB solutions, we have developed Gotek converter, which will give an appropriate data transferring solution to the industrial users, who are still dependant on no other option, but the same old floppy drives.

With our best inventions, we have finished up with launching appropriate solution in the form of Gotek Converter for easiest data travelling solution. Our designed floppy to USB converters are available in different sizes, including 1.44 MB, 720 KB double density floppy disk to USB emulator, 1.2 MB floppy to USB upgrade with 34 pin interface; 1.44 MB floppy to USB converter with 26 ziff interface.

Why move on to USB converter?

Adapt the new style to keep your data secure on all digital equipment and machines that are equipped with floppy drive. Take an overview of the significant advantages of these Floppy to USB Converters.


  • Available in similar form, Floppy to USB Emulator is pretty simple to install, as it only needs to be placed on the existing location of floppy drive.

  • These Floppy to USB converters are designed with such specifications that these can be used on almost all kinds of devices for a more appropriate storage and transfer of data solutions.

  • Floppy to USB conversion comes with wide application areas, as these are designed in same size as the floppy drives. Devices where these can be used are many such as computers, CNC, digital machinery tools, scanners & copiers, sound equipment, test equipment, computerized weaving machines, etc.

  • The floppy drive to USB data storage and transfer options are highly reliable, efficient and safer than the conventional floppy drive.

  • These converters have huge memory to store the data for a desirable span of time as these can save the data equal to a hundred floppies on a single flash disc.

  • There is no need for any kind of customization for the users’ devices and machines, as these smart data storage options are ready to be used as soon as they are placed on the position of existing floppy drive.

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